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Yess, you do not misread thiss because many considered a maestro in photo editing is still willing to learn here with this editfotokeren.com (efk). they are satisfied with the existing material by answering the missing link that they do not know over the years.



Don’t You Want To Join A Community Of EFK That Can Make You A Maestro Photo Editing In A Short Time ?

This Tutorial Will Tell You The Secrets Of :

  1. Technique 3 pro design (selection, composition & rendering).
    This technique is very important because the core of all professional design is here. who does not do a selection ?
    in the composition, we discuss the use of rules, the layout of each image to be natural, how to adjust the direction of light and casting shadows right position. after that, in tutorial rendering (pre render & final render), how we can present / display the characteristic of our design.
  2. Color tutorial
  3. PSD mock up tutorial
  4. Banner

I. Technique 3 pro design (selection, composition & rendering)

a. Selection

Is your selection as shown below:

Want to able to select as shown below:

There are 3 Tutorial Video Selections, the consist of:

  1. Basic Selection Tools : Marquee Tool, Lasso Tool, Magic Wand Tool, Quick Selection Tool, Quick Mask & Color Range.
    Duration : 14 Minutes
  2. Pro Selection Part 1 : Pen Tool, Channels & Layer Mask
    Duration : 34 Minutes
  3. Pro Selection Part 2 : Pen Tool & Refine Edge
    Duration : 43 Minutes
Mastering the 3 tutorial videos, you will be able to do selection from the easiest to the most difficult one. For example, selection on hair or selection on nature.

b. Composition

The main objective in the composition is how to create a balanced composition.

There are 4 sections in the composition that you need to know in order to improve the quality of your design :

1. Rules Usage
The objective of using a rule so that you can understand how to adjust the distance of each object in the composite image and composition will match.

The result is the image will be balanced according to the distance and angle as exactly as we take a picture by using a camera

2. Perspective / Angle

The goal is to exercise the perspective as we want, so the placement of the images match and pleasing the eyes with naturaly impression.

Just like photo shooting. Just like you take a shoot from the top, bottom, side or middle. It is called angle in photo editing

3. Light Composition

We need to combine multiple images into a single image that looks perfect. One photo is taken from the top and the other one is taken from the bottom or side.

Well the problem is, every photo taken from several angles have different lighting.

Every picture has its light composition. Moreover, pictures taken from various places, so when we join those pictures into one image then the lighting must be united.

In EditFotoKeren you learn the professional standards in the composition of the light to match the light and the light which improves the quality of light.

4. The composition of Shadows

No light means no shadow. Noteworthy is how the connection between light and shadow fit and natural. This is what we will discuss.

c. Rendering

The function of Rendering is to unite all pictures into one tone. This rendering which will make your work looks different with others.

For rendering is the character of your touch or your signature.

Here, Rendering is divided into two sections :

1. Pre Render

Pre Render is focus on repairing the detail of the composition that has been made. Then to equalize the tone of each image

2. Final Render

Our final touch is to make our design perfectly done. The final render is your signature. In this tutorial you learn whether the tone / color grading is matches or not.

To practice the material composition and rendering, we give you two video tutorials. There are simple composite & mix composite:

2.1. Simple Composite

Here you learn how to apply the technique of composition (rules, light, shadows & perspective) and rendering technique in 1 object. In this tutorial, we take an example, how to design an orange correctly.


Composition Part 1 (Rules & perspective) : 21 Minutes

Composition Part 2 (Light & Shadows) : 23 Minutes

Pre Render : 20 Minutes

Final Render : 15 Minutes

PSD : Yes

Stock Photo : Yes

Stock Photo : 1 Photo

2.2. Mix Composite

Here, you apply composition & rendering techniques for 2 objects at a time in a design. In this tutorial, you learn basic concept on how to set imagination, idea and storyline in your design.

The next video explains the used of rules, perspective, where light comes from, casting shadows, pre render & final render at 2 objects at a time in a design. The results, your design gets the right proportion and beautiful.

What is the difference between  simple composite with mix composite tutorial ? Simple composite tutorial uses only 1 object while mix composite uses 2 objects in using techninque 3 pro design. So, you understand better how to apply this technique.


Basic concept : 12 Minutes

Mix Composition : 33 Minutes

Light Composition : 25 Minutes

Shadow Composition : 48 Minutes

Pre Render : 14 Minutes

Final Render : 67 Minutes

PSD : Yes

Stock Photo : Yes


Using the video of simple composite & mix composite and many practices and high hours, you are expected able to create difficult design with many combined objects in it, in order to produce your masterpiece.

After mastering technique 3 design, the next tutorial should be mastered in order to make your design is getting more perfect. As our tagline “Perfection at it’s finest

II. Color Tutorial

Do you know that every color has its own combination ? A color when combines with the other color, matches when arrange side by side. That is why there is color combination nice to see and there is ill look because the color do not match.

In color tutorial, we discuss everything about color (which color matches other color & which color that should not be combined) and how to match color that you like in a design and become your typical or match with your mood.

Duration : 21 Minutes

III. PSD Mockup

It can be said template. Mockup aims at shortening your work that repetitive by using smart object. You just change the object and in a short time you get the wanted design without doing it from the beginning.

If your design has the same pattern, to fasten the work without doing from beginning, this PSD Mockup tutorial is suitable for you.

Using this mockup tutorial, you can have additional income by selling your mockup design as in the graphicriver.net or sell your mockup collection by membership. Moreover, using this mockup you can sell services as freelance, fiverr and many others.

Duration : 21 Minutes

PSD : Yes

IV. Banner

In this tutorial, you learn about document size, layout, shape, font, styles & file format. This tutorial actually a very basic material and suitable for internet marketers or business owner who wants to save design services that paid much.

Especially when using design services regularly and there is no guarantee that the ideas we want match with the design produced. Therefore, this banner tutorial is suitable for you. Besides that, this tutorial is suitable for you who wants to work in printing business or as graphic designer. Selection tutorial and banner, you can get job that relates with graphic design.

Duration : 57 Minutes

PSD : Yes

Hi, I am RIVORAREANO, Digital Artist Expert


This course become one of the place where to learn process and manipulate photo use technique of out of the box using photoshop. The lesson is very detailed and easy to practice either a beginner or an expert especially HD Video certainly adds to your comfort in learning...
Editfotokeren.com teach photoshop techniques that simple but the result is amazing. Beginners can directly digest the video tutorials provided
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Edi Triono
thank efk…your explanation very clearly. they teach how to use the tools to quickly, efficiently and precisely. amazing !...
Arif Hidayat
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I learn many skills in EditFotoKeren.com. Now, I know more about functions of layer, masking, composition and rendering to create photo manipulation. Thanks Guru !
Lukman S Naim
The tutorials are very detailed and easy to practice by beginners like me who initially was not too interested about photo editing. So I really enjoy learn tutorial of eFK
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Agin Item

To give variation on the use of 3 pro design into different material, we make special 4 video tutorials for you


If you are successfull in practising mix composite tutorial, then you can start with this tutorial. Why ? because in this tutorial, you learn how to practice the technique 3 pro design into 1 design that contains 13 stock photos.

If you can learn and practice without seeing the video, understand the sequence, that means you are successfull to be a maestro editing photo.

Duration : 102 Minutes

PSD : Yes

Stock Photo : 13 Photo


In this tutorial, you learn how to apply the technique 3 pro design in the photo potrait. Here, you learn techniques of selection, light, pre render and final render that give drastic change from ordinary photo taken using still camera becoming extraordinary potrait photo.

You can make a potrait becoming extraordinary by using retouching technique provided here exactly as professional design in famous lifestyle magazines or advertising agency. Let us create your own potrait and satisfied with the work of your own creation.

Duration : 115 Minutes

PSD : Yes

Stock Photo : 1 Photo

D.I. Cartoon

We said this Digital Imaging Cartoon. In this tutorial, you learn how to apply technique 3 pro design (selection, composition & render) into the world of cartoon. There are 8 objects combined into 1 design with cartoon theme. Tutorial variation with this cartoon theme makes you have different angle in applying technique 3 pro design.

A combination between caricature without eliminating natural face elements with manipulating photos, so that, those wo can not paint, it is the right choice. Having mastering this technique, what you need now, is how to find the right story and favored by many people.

Duration : 225 Minutes

Stock Photo : 9 Photo 


How to apply the technique 3 pro design into a design with caricature theme. there are 3 tutorial videos in caricature theme where the first video is about how to selection, the second video is about light use, angle that make funny design and the third video is about how to do render.

You can create great caricature by applying the techniques shown in this tutorial. you even can accept carton creation services. this video tutorial can even learn by those who only understand the basic of photoshop because this video explains cleary step by step, as to facilitate every one who learn it.

Duration : 113 minutes

Psd : Yes

Stock photo : 1 photo

Moreover, we give bonus 2 video tutorials that can be used for final render:

False Color

Those who are interested in design creation exactly like ir lense, this video tutorial is for you to see. in this tutorial, you are showed example of false color technique at nature theme and potrait. you learn how to apply cmyk & rgb technique into your photo.

Duration : 32 minutes

HDR Nature & Potrait

HDR is High Dynamic Range. We discuss how to create HDR photo using only 1 photo. In this tutorial, you learn how to change JPG image to become RAW image as setting in the camera.

Duration HDR Nature : 13 Minutes

Duration HDR Potrait : 13 Minutes

If you are doubt in whether this tutorial is really what you need, we give you 30 days money back guarantee without asking question

This means you join member area, learn and watch it if it is really usefull for you. If you do not get anything useful from our tutorial, please ask us to get 100 % money back guarantee.

Yes, there is 30 days money back guarantee and this means you do not have any risk to think. The risk is ours because if our product is not usefull, you can ask for the return of your money back


Technique 3 pro design consits of 13 videos, they are:

  1. Selection (91 Minutes)
    • Basic Selection Tools : 14 MinutesPro
    • Selection Part 1 : 34 Minutes
    • Pro Selection Part 2 : 43 Minutes
  2. Simple Composite (79 Minutes)
    • Composition Part 1 (Rules & perspective) : 21 Minutes
    • Composition Part 2 (Light & Shadows) : 23 Minutes
    • Pre Render : 20 Minutes
    • Final Render : 15 Minutes
  3. Mix Composite (199 Minutes)
    • Basic concept : 12 Minutes
    • Mix Composition : 33 Minutes
    • Light Composition : 25 Minutes
    • Shadow Composition : 48 Minutes
    • Pre Render : 14 Minutes
    • Final Render : 67 Minutes


It is the core technique of digital imaging. You can create professional & clean digital imaging by using this technique.

Any digital artist never tells the secret of this technique in details. I do not know what their reason, is it because of they confused to teach step by step or they do not want to share the secret for you, because you can be their competitor.

I need more than 10 years to create this technique and you only need 30 days to learn it skillfully. Plus, i give you 9 video tutorials, they are:

  1. Color Tutorial : 21 Minutes
  2. PSD mockup : 21 Minutes
  3. Banner : 57 Minutes
  4. Nature : 102 Minutes
  5. Potrait : 115 Minutes
  6. D.I. Cartoon : 225 Minutes
  7. Caricature : 113 Minutes
  8. False Color : 32 Minutes
  9. HDR Nature & Potrait: 26 Minutes

If each video, i charge 10 dollars, that means you have to pay 9 x 10 dollars = $ 90 for the tutorial videos bonus.

If added all fund to pay, should be :

3 pro design technique : $ 300

Other tutorial video : $ 90

That means the total you should pay is

$ 390

Only for 99 persons who want to learn digital imaging professionally today, I give you 90 % OFF Discount.

Learn Photo Editing - Editfotokeren.com

Ps. The tutorials were all done using Photoshop CS5, CS6 or a newer version is recommended. If you want to try out a more recent version, Adobe offers a Free 30-day trial.                                                 

Pss. For those who have difficulties in learning, we provide facebook group as a community, to share with other members

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